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Tianjin Eco-City Visualization Video Wall Solution

Tianjin Eco-City Visualization Video Wall Solution

Project Background:

With the accelerating urbanization process, urban planning is increasingly valued by government managers, builders, investors, citizens and other sectors of society.
As an important window for comprehensively promoting the image of the city and an important platform for external exchanges, the Urban Planning Exhibition Hall is mainly used to demonstrate the vicissitudes of urban construction and the urban development achievements and overall trends in an all-round and multi-angle manner, and to publicize and popularize urban and rural planning knowledge and display. The role of city image, promotion of investment attraction, and establishment of market education platform has become increasingly prominent.

Project Name:

Tianjin Eco-City Visualization Video Wall Solution

Project Requirements:

1.Need to achieve point-to-point ultra high definition display.
2.Signals need to be displayed in real time, visualization control.


The main equipment of this project adopts 90 pieces 46 inch LCD video wall, the front-end multi-channel high-definition signal is processed and processed by the BV series to complete high-resolution point-to-point real-time display.


1. Ultra high resolution signal acquisition
The system supports DVI, HDMI, VGA, SDI and other common format signal acquisition, support Dual-Link DVI, HDMI1.4, DP interface, single port support 4K ultra high acquisition.

2. Signal seamless switching
The video integrated platform processor is based on the pure hardware architecture of the FPGA, and the chip can achieve the best performance and realize the seamless switching of the high-definition signal.

3. High reliability, stability and flexibility
The system uses pure hardware advanced technology and system structure to improve system reliability and security. Provide redundant configuration, module design, and expandability; support capture card hot swap to reduce the impact of faults.

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