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Reliable Mission-Critical Performance For Your Church Solution

BRWall's software solution for visual applications can reduce the total cost of deploying your Control Room by up to 40%.

Long-distance Transmission

Full network (optical fiber) transmission of audio and video that is no longer troubled by distance.

Excellent Sound

Multi-zone audio can be switched arbitrarily so that every Christians can enjoy the immersive soundMulti-zone audio can be switched arbitrarily so that every Christians can enjoy the immersive sound

Play Control

According to the activity elements, make the pre-program lighting, scenes of sound and  video realize  one-key control and playback.

Easy Management

One-machine by multi-screen management, arbitrary grouping, publishing, U disk playback.

Key Features

BRWall Enhances Your Church Solution Performance

Professional Playback And Control

BospIlink control platform, one machine can realize the function of the PC, video processor, audio processing, and playback box. Support 4K, 8K point-to-point playback, support rotation, stretching,running text, and other creative editing playbacks, support multi-signal NDI acquisition. Timed playback of different venues will be based on the preset and saved audio, video, and lighting scenes of the active elements (12 sets of scene presets are supported). Support multi-screen group management, visual operation interface, allowing administrators to easily control large-scale events.

Long-distance Transmission

According to your own design requirements and the best and most reliable user experience, you can freely install display devices. They do not need to consider distance or power issues. HKV10N supports HDMI uncompressed HDBaseT extension technology
, Support HDMI 4K resolution, support HDMI 3D display technology, support HDMI features, HDMI 3D, deep color, compatible with HDCP, support EDID, Dolby audio, DTS audio, etc.

Full Network Audio

The PoE full network audio system adopts the latest PoE technical standards. A simple network cable can solve the power supply, transmission and control. The speakers can be arranged at any point, the wiring is simple, and the scalability is strong. The audio equipment connection is decentralized, and the routing and Signal distribution. The delay is low, allowing the congregation to hear the blessing.

Intelligent Control

Using WE-view, you can easily design advanced control and automation functions for indoor elements (such as lights, screens, audio, HVAC, thermostats, and any new or existing AV systems). All elements can be controlled through any mobile touch device. Fully visualized operation interface, easy to use, easy to configure, high scalability, and can control more than 100 rooms.

Monitoring And Recording

On major festivals, full HD network cameras and multi-channel audio capture equipment are used for on-site recording to record the wonderful moments of the church. The intelligent monitoring and alarm system uses the least number of cameras to fully monitor the interior of the church. The coaxial cable video signal is accurately transmitted to ensure the safety of church personnel and ensure the smooth operation of equipment and the convenience of maintenance.

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