Control Room

Video Wall Solution

Control Room Solution

Reliable Mission-Critical Performance For Your Control Room

BRWall's software solution for visual applications can reduce the total cost of deploying your Control Room by up to 40%.

Excelent Sound

Visualization KVM

Seamless Switching

Wireless Connection

Document Scanning

Wide screen 21:9


Key Features

BRWall Enhances Your Control Room Performance

Control Your Meeting

The we-view system can be very easy to control all the elements in the room for the users and administrators through a fully visualized operation interface by any IOS or Android tablet.
Such as lighting, display equipment, audio, HVAC, thermostat, and any AV signal

Transmission, Management and Control of AV/IP

BRnet can easily realize centralized management, control and transmission by the IT system administrator of control center  through the User-friendly interface based entirely on the web.You can easily transmit, manage and control the IP streaming media, room elements and any AV equipment of any branch through any point in the organization network. So it can better help you realize remote control and scheduling.

Widescreen Design 21:9

BRWwall LCD and LED products can realize screen splicing of any size and ratio. It perfectly solves the problem of simultaneous display of multiple sets of signals in the control room scene. BR40 video wall controller with self-defined coordinates, arbitrary window opening function makes the signal display without distortion, and arbitrary visit to each signal window.

KVM System

The BRWall inter-control room solution provides a safe and synchronized interaction method between multiple displays and multiple signal sources, and is suitable for scenarios that require command and control such as air traffic control, border control, power grids, gas transmission and distribution, and smart buildings.While solving the complexity of the system, the KVM system provides the highest level of security, reliability, arbitrary layout and networking.

SRWAY Conference Assist

The Srway new-generation video conferencing terminal can supports high-definition audio and video conferencing, electronic document scanning, extended screen projection, flexible writing, and the same time it could open access for client software to achieve stable and smooth online collaboration and interaction and emergency plan discussion.


Public Security Police

Command Room

Mobile Communication

Financial Services

Broadcasting Station

Public Security

Power Dispatching

Traffic and transportation

Government management


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