LED Display

LED Display

Fine Pitch LED Display

Fine Pitch LED displays represents the top technology of LED display field, they may be used in high-end conference rooms, TV studios, the government mansion, etc. It has the smallest pixel pitch (1mm or even less) and the finest display effect. BRWall is the pioneer in the field of HD LED display, and has many successful cases already.

Indoor Fixed LED Display

P1 | P1.2 | P1.3 | P1.5 | P1.6 | P1.875 | P2 | P2.5 | P3 | P4 etc.

Fixed LED displays are used for commercial advertising, they are sometimes called digital billboard or digital message signs. LED display has been very popular now in the advertising field, you can see them in streets, along roadsides, even anywhere you desire to show your ads.

Creative LED Display

Creative LED displays always have unique structure or for special use. They are designed for certain clients/projects or some particular applications. Currently speaking, BRWall has such creative displays as Wave series flexible LED modules, right-angle displays, double-sided displays, and so on. Also, customized products(ODM and OEM) are available for you if needed.

Super LED TV

120'' / 150'' / 180'' / 210'' / 240''

With 100% fully front access design, super LED TV supports for easy installation and maintenance, which is a perfect solution for high end conferencing or commercial display application.

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LED Display


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