Video Wall Controller

Video Wall Controller

Our BRWall video wall controller can help you manage the content and information on video wall with ease.

Are you looking for a reliable and experienced video wall controller supplier? Look no further than BRWall. With 20 years of experience in the industry, we are your first choice for cooperation. We are equipped with a wide range of LCD and LED video wall controllers, powerful multi-screen image and video processing systems, and multiple HDMI display terminals. Here you can easily find the right video wall controller for your needs. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality products and services. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you soon!

We have the perfect solution for your video wall needs.
BRWall has a wide selection to choose from.


AV Over IP
Video Wall Controller

BRNet distributed display wall system are designed to meet the imagination of innovative applications.


BR60 Series
Video Wall Controller

BR60 series video wall controller is new generation professional image processing product which is based on the development of multi-windows, ultra-high definition and visual display control technology.


BR40 Series
Video Wall Controller

- Unlimited Video Wall Content Layout Design
- Seamless Matrix Switch and Multi-Group Control
- Most Leading And Popular Content Types Directly Accessevice


BR10 Series
Image Stitching Processor

Pure hardware structure, no operating system, and a hybrid card type intelligent image splicing processor.
It can display kinds of dynamic pictures on multiple screens to realize the function of multi-window splicing.
The highest single output Support 1920X1200@60Hz.

BR50 Series

Multi Projection Fusion

BR50 is a new type of integrated playback host that can support 1 HDMI high-definition signal source acquisition and display in a variety of special-shaped windows. Its built-in storage space supports ultra-high-definition 4K/8K film source playback function, and outputs to the projector through multiple HDMI ports, realizing multi-channel video panoramic integration, creating a completely integrated video effect, allowing consumers to enjoy the ultimate visual feast.

What is A Video Wall Controller?

A video wall controller is also referred to as a video wall processor. It is an electronic device that controls how content is displayed on a video wall. The devices come with very interactive features that make it easy to control the output on your video wall.

What is A Video Wall?

A video wall consists of multiple screens mounted on a wall and programmed to function as one display screen.
These multiple-screen displays typically include a mix of LED AND LCD panels or a rear projection cube.
They are all put together to form one screen. The video wall processor controls all the screens that make a video wall.

Advantages Of Using A Video Wall

Video walls have many advantages, which is why they are continuously gaining popularity and use in many areas.
The advantages of using a video wall include:
•    Consistent brightness 
•    High definition display
•    More content customization options
•    Mixed formats and resolutions
•    A larger screen to view different content
With a video wall, you will get many content viewing options unavailable on a single monitor.
Some places where video walls may come in handy include Network Operation Centers, call centres, command centres, surveillance facilities, stadiums and other control rooms.
Video walls may also be helpful in showrooms or where new products are being launched.

Main Types Of Video Wall Controllers

There are a few types of video wall controllers today, but here we will discuss the three main types. 
The main types of video wall controllers include: 
•    Hardware-based video wall controllers 
•    Software/PC-based video wall controllers
•    Daisy chain display-based Video wall Controllers
All three types of video wall controllers offer different content management options. Let us go through each of them and find out what they have installed for us.

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1. Hardware-Based
Video Wall Controllers

This video wall controller is built on a proprietary Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) hardware platform.
It comes with a dedicated processor and a high-speed cross-point video bus. 
A hardware-based video wall controller is usually built on an array of video processing chipsets and lacks an OS. 
A hardware-based video wall controller is advantageous as it offers high performance and is highly reliable. It is highly reliable as it can support up to 144 screens.
However, the hardware-based video wall controller is expensive and is not flexible in content management, which is one of its downsides.
The video controller has a highly configured chassis with multiple input and output interfaces, including HDMI, VGI, SDI and VGA. 
It also supports high definitions and 4k Ultra high definition resolution, which is ideal for a video controller.
The hardware video controller can also support video processing speeds of up to 50Gbps with very low latency.
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2. Software/PC-based
Video Wall Controllers

A software or PC-based video wall controller uses a computer with an embedded OS such as Linux, Mac or windows to operate.
The software-based video wall controllers have industrial-grade chassis, a reliability requirement of most control rooms.
Even though software-based video wall controllers are expensive, they have many advantages.
It is because you can use them to launch various applications, including maps and digital signage software capable of utilizing the full resolution of the video wall.
The quality of management software and graphic cards significantly impact the performance of software-based video wall controllers.
A CPU initially processes the content that this video wall controller display is high
You will get advanced configuration and content management tools if you install video wall controller software on your PC.
Software video wall controllers are generally suitable for small-scale video wall applications such as in control rooms.
The Gen-bus bandwidth and Pc structure are limited to small video walls of 16 screens or less.
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3. Daisy Chain Display
Video Wall Controllers

The daisy chain video wall controller is the most commercial-grade video wall display. It also has a loop that allows the installers to daisy chain all the displays.
One of the downsides of the daisy chain video wall controller is that it only supports the resolution of the input signal. 
Therefore, it is impossible to use full resolution when the input signal has a low resolution.
Daisy chain display video wall controller is an entry-level controller and will only be suitable for small organizations.

Purpose of A Video Wall Controller

Visual solutions require unique technology to control and manage all the content for quality viewing.
It is where video wall controllers come in place. If you have a setup of multiple screens, then you will need a video wall controller to help you maximize the picture quality and performance.
However, you should note that video wall controllers are not made equally. You will get different content customization options in each one of them.
The video wall controller will allow you to control what is displayed on your video wall and how it is displayed. It is the general purpose of a video wall controller.

Benefits Of A Video Wall Controller

Video wall processors offer plenty of benefits to their users, making work even easier while offering good visuals.
Below are some of the benefits that are accrued through the use of a video wall controller.

Hybrid Signal Processing

With a video wall processor, you bridge content from different systems, including AV, IT and even IP.
You can manage and control visual content across any display or video wall. The hybrid signal processing will help you to manage multiple windows on your video walls.

High Processing Performance

A suitable video wall controller will allow you to connect to the internet and display live web content on your video wall.
You will also be able to use other apps, including clocks and emergency messaging. 
The best thing about a video wall controller is that it will offer you high flexibility levels achieving incredible performance.
With this performance, you will get plenty of content customization options for quality, effective and impactful viewing experiences.

Unrestricted Resolution Options

Good resolutions offer us detailed images, which means a better viewing experience. You will not get any resolution restrictions with a good video wall processor.
Your video wall controller can display high content if a digital signal processing unit support
s it.
You will definitely get a high resolution if you have a video wall consisting of various high-definition screens. 
Remember that good resolution is highly dependent on the number of pixels available on your screen. 
The higher the number of pixels you have on screen, the higher the pixel density, and so is the image resolution.

Why Should You Use A video Wall controller?

Compared to a single screen or a projector, a video wall controller will give you better content customization options that are easy to manage.
Video wall controllers accept signals from different sources and formats and display them all simultaneously. It is not easy to do that with a single display screen.
A modern video wall controller setup will provide you with greater visuals than a single screen. It makes it convenient to work in control rooms.
The fact that video wall controllers allow you to manage your content like a pro makes them suitable for use.

Where Are Video Wall Controllers Applicable?

With the continuing demand for a better viewing experience, video wall controllers are continually rising in popularity.
Their application is broad, ranging from control rooms to network management centres. They are continually getting more popular in conference rooms as well.
Below are some of the places video wall controllers are applicable:

Control Room

Shopping Mall

Education and training


Satellite positioning

Conference Room

Map display systems

Bar Club

They control LED and LCD video walls to provide better content configuration.

Maintaining A Video Wall Controller

A video wall controller is straightforward to maintain. It does not require special attention or any special handling.
However, if you want to see it last longer, you could try connecting it to a stable power source. 
A stable power source will prevent it from experiencing damage from short circuits. Also, remember to keep it in a dust-free environment.
It will help your video wall controller to maintain its top-level performance for a long time. 
It would be best to do proper wiring to ensure the video wall controller works the way you want.

Factors To Consider buying a Video Wall Controller

For you and other viewers to get the best viewing experience from your video wall controller, you have to consider some unique factors.
Below are some of the factors that you should consider when buying a video wall controller:
•    Content To Be Displayed
The content you want to display on your video walls will influence the type of video wall controller you buy.
You have to ask yourself if a single application will take the whole video wall or divide content within your display.
With the information, you can depict if you require a seamless display or something else.
Considering the graphics and information people will see on your video wall would be best. Your video configuration will determine the type of video wall controller you purchase.
•    Image Quality 
A good and detailed video wall is very convenient for viewing. It will be very disappointing to get blurred images, especially when displaying crucial information.
To get the best experience, choose a video wall controller that will synchronize with your video wall setup.
It will ensure that you get high-quality images displayed on your video wall. Therefore, it is vital to research the type of video wall and video wall controller.
With the right combination, you will get high-quality images that will help you explain fundamental aspects easily.
•    Reliability
Most video wall controllers work around the clock for data monitoring. Therefore, looking for a video wall controller that can work 24/7 without heating issues would be best.
It will be hazardous to have downtime when critical data monitoring is involved. A good example is mission control video walls that monitor space activity.
An ideal video wall controller is one you can service efficiently and reliable enough to operate around the clock.
•    Cost
Despite everything associated with video wall controllers, their price is also a paramount consideration before purchasing.
A high price doesn't necessarily mean a better video wall controller. It would be help if you always considered the purpose the video wall controller will serve before making any purchase.
If your ideal video wall controller is priced highly and has all the features you need, then we believe the investment will be worth it.
Considering the factors we discussed, we are certain that you will get a video wall controller that will serve you best.

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