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Beijing Armed Police Corps Command Center

Beijing Armed Police Corps Command Center

Project Background:

In recent years, China's overall economic strength has increased significantly, but the social security situation has become increasingly complex, public security issues have become increasingly prominent, urban crime is prominent, and the tricks are constantly updated and upgraded, single, one-sided data information can no longer meet the office needs of the public security system. As a city's public security and traffic management department, it must cover video surveillance information throughout the jurisdiction, while ensuring real-time monitoring, recall, and management of video surveillance information. The overall operational effect of the command center directly affects the smooth development of urban traffic management and social security management.

Project Name:

Beijing Armed Police Corps Command Center

Project Requirements:

1.On the 5*12 video wall divided the main venue and sub-venue.
2.Each Venue synchronous conferencing function.
3.Signals need to be displayed in real time, visualization control.


The main equipment of this project adopts DLP display, with BR series video wall controller, It realizes the acquisition and transmission of the front-end 80-channel PC signal and the 8-channel UDH Dual link signal. All signals can be displayed anywhere in the full screen, including roaming, overlay, PIP and other display modes.


1. Signal seamless switching
The video integrated platform processor is based on the pure hardware architecture of the FPGA, and the chip can achieve the best performance and realize the seamless switching of the high-definition signal.

2. Scene Polling
BR series video wall controller scene poll function.

3. High reliability, stability and flexibility
The system uses pure hardware advanced technology and system structure to improve system reliability and security. Provide redundant configuration, module design, and expandability; support capture card hot swap to reduce the impact of faults.

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